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“on the stage they show the mastery in the musical unity and they convince us that the guitar duo is a great musical instrument.”          

 David Russell

“…they are one of the most important duos in the guitar and music world … I’ m sure the future is for them….”

 Costas Cotsiolis

Duo Melis are musically and technically outstanding, but it is the profundity of their music-making that really moves me. Their meticulous attention to detail in rehearsal and heart-felt emotional intensity in performance is a potent combination.”  

Stephen Goss

                                                               "I heard [Duo Melis] just two summers ago at the Nurtingen Festival. I was amazed to see a young duo headlining an evening concert at that major festival, but more amazed to hear them. The ensemble was precise, the musicianship truly compelling."

David Tanenbaum

“...a virtuoso performance by two artists at the top of their game.

At times their phrasing was passionate and breathless, at others languid and flowing…” 

Gerald Garcia, Classical Guitar Magazine

“The technical standard of Duo Melis is second to none; they play the most virtuosic and high velocity passages in complete and total unison… One imagines almost that this music is being played by one instrumentalist, such is the precision between the two performers.”

“Highly recommended for an example of just what two guitars are capable of producing in this day and age.”

Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine

 “…the performance of Duo Melis was one of my favorites of the conference; their playing was technically superb, musically convincing, and demonstrated fantastic ensemble…”

Mark Switzer, Soundboard Magazine

"...their Bay Area debut on Saturday in Herbst Theatre...revealed an ensemble notable for sensitive musicianship, virtousic panache, and stylish performances...the marvelous performance was clear, hearfelt, and witty...the Melis Duo played its own transcription...with both violent passion and wonderful tenderness...”.

“…the rhythmic flexibility, precision, and rapidity exhibited by Duo Melis in playing this elegant repertoire were exhilarating....”

Scott Cmiel, San Francisco Classical Voice

"Muzurakis e Prieto, a couple of guitarists between rigor and passion"

Gianni Villani, L'Arena, Italy

"…the Spanish Susana Prieto and the Greek Alexis Muzurakis charmed the audience with the subtlety and sensitivity of his interpretations, but also for the remarkable technical mastery of their instruments…"

Alejandro Fernandez, El Norte, Mexico

“…their guitars were singing instead of sounding, they were so perfectly ensemble that by closing your eyes seems to hear only one guitar…"

(C.Z.), L'Arena, Italy

"…one of the best duos in the youngest generation. They harmonized so well that the sound comes as they would play on one instrument. Extreme virtuosity and lively dynamic with a personal design…"

Westfalenpost, Germany

“Susana Prieto and Alexis Muzurakis delighted the lovers of the guitar. Virtuosity and precision is what they gave during the concert…"

Ernesto Amezcua, Palabra, Mexico

"…from Greece and Spain, two extraordinary guitarists…"

Davide Lelmini, Corriere della Sera, Italy

“...amazing the qualities of both guitarists to capture and convey the concept, the essence of the compositions and manage to reach the public with an apparent ease and great coherence…"

Agustin Achucarro, El Mundo, Spain

 "…remarkable were the young duo formed by the Greek Alexis Muzurakis and the Spanish Susana Prieto…all the flexibility and accuracy of rhythm, exquisite rubato, crystal vibrato, sublime legatos and colors… convincing in every style!... "

Danielle Ribouillault, Les Cahiers de la Guitare

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