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Duo Melis' Lab

Welcome to our new online working space. Here you will find tutorials, will have the opportunity to watch or participate in online master-classes and much more. Don't miss it!


We would like to share with you some tutorials about different aspects of the classical guitar technique. We hope you will find them helpful on your day by day working and don't hesitate to contact us for any questions or propositions about future tutorials.

Online Master-Classes

Now you have the possibility to study with the prestigious professors Alexis Muzurakis and Susana Prieto online. Just need a computer, a guitar and an internet connection. We offer you a studio quality with

Recording Mics

You will be able to enjoy the sound quality of a recording studio and not miss any details of the lesson.

4 K Cameras

With HD cameras you won't lose any details on the professor's guitars or hands. Like you where there!

Download score

Get the notations on your scores directly after the lesson and be sure not to miss any important information.

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